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Designs/Build Turn Key
Upon research owners can become confused by various definitions of Design/Build.
However with Hanger Construction the definition is Clear.
Hanger Construction for 67 years has been a Design/Build Turn-Key Church Building Specialist, a one-stop-shop for all your design and complete construction needs.
Hanger Construction enters every project as partners with your church. Together “We” become a building team to properly evaluate your building program thus assuring every decision benefits not only the building needs of today, but properly consider’s the building needs of the future. By providing full project service’s Hanger Construction assures churches make the right decisions based on all necessary information. Therefore insuring the completion of a fully functional church facility. Not just certain slices of a huge pie.
The building team must match the Building Project with their Financial Capabilities. Our over 600 successful church projects shows we clearly understand “if you can’t afford it why waste money on a design out of your budget.” So let’s not waste time or money and start the right way. As a Design/Build-Turn-Key Church Building Specialist we not only provide the best quality building designs meeting each individual church building requirements, we provide quality building materials and professional constructions which matched to your financial debt service.
Where to Start
Never believe you can Internet shop a Cookie Cutter Church Plan which meets someone else’s land size, Land boundaries, another churches future growth pattern’s , their seating, their fellowship requirements, their overflow needs, their financial budget, their office and class room requirements and their building goals. while ignoring Yours.
Hanger Construction will help evaluate your building program to make the right decisions. We will take your building or remodeling wish list and put together some preliminary designs. These designs will meet your individual church goals. Not some cookie cutter internet plans designed for some other church. our preliminary designs will take into consideration your building site, parking layouts, church budget, utility locations, future growth and enhanced exterior designs to bring in those new members. During this Analysis we provide a complete church construction cost estimate. All to help your church make key decisions. Thus saving you time and money.
Our estimates include ALL ASSOCIATED DEVELOPMENT COST consisting of over 100 detailed items. Items such as, Preliminary designs, City meetings, Lender meetings, building code reviews, City Building Permit cost, Architectural construction Plans for “Your” church preformed by our professional Architect & Engineering design professionals. Inspection by third party engineering firms who check all on site work for proper execution and performance, quality control inspections, Soil Test insuring quality foundations, Site Excavation and drainage analysis, Site Work, Utility cost as may be required for water, sewer, yard sprinkler, building fire protection, alarms and electrical service’s. We include Complete interior and exterior finish outs described in detail, provide Quality craftsmanship of all trades including State Licensed plumbers, Electricians and HVAC professionals. Audio visual System, Furnishings, Parking and Landscaping, every item required to comprise a TRUE Design/Build Turn-Key Bid, for full disclosure.
Proverbs 15:22


Hanger Construction’s 67 years of building only churches insures value cost designs within a , turn-key bid, for complete construction where by saving our clients time and money while providing time tested quality, meeting each item necessary to insure a Complete working Facility. This process will help your Church make Key Decisions with clarity and confidence as Stuarts of the Lord’s blessings.

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