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How To Avoid Building & Design Problems
During Our 67 Years of Building “Only” Churches We See Church Committee’s Make These Common Mistakes.
Buy Plans Off The Internet:
Advertised as Cost Saving Architectural Designs. See Church Internet Plans Came About After Internet House Plans Became The Rage. Cookie Cutter Internet House Plans Were Put in Place to Meet Single Families Needs , However They All Have Basically the Same Rooms ,Such as 3 Bedrooms, Den, Living Room, Two Baths, Kitchen and Garage Each Arranged in Numerous Configuration All Built on a 50 X150 Lot.
Churches On The Other Hand Do Not Fit Cookie Cutter Plans Because They Serve 100‘s To 1,000‘s Of Families Which In Return Serve an Entire Community So Careful Personal Design Criteria are Not Considered With Internet Plans. Here’s a Test, Drive Around And Look At 10 Churches In Your Area, Then Write Down How Many Look Alike, Have The Exact Same Floor Plan Or Are Built On The Same Land Size As Yours (None). So What Are The Chances Their Plan Will Meet Your Site Or Your Memberships Long Term Needs. We See Clients Throw away An Average of $150,000 Of These Plans Every Year, Or Pay Thousands To Redesign The Internet Plan To Meet Their Goals.
Metal Building Shells
Churches See The Commercials on T.V. hear on the Radio...... “60 X 100 Building Only $50,000”. What they fail to mention is most cities require 80-90% exterior Brick. Plus This Is “Only” a Shell with no finishes . In reality what May Seem Like a Bargain becomes COSTLY when You Start the Finish Out. $$$$$.
Improper Land Evaluation:
We See Churches Waste Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Because They Failed to Consider Proper Site Development. Some Failures Include How Land Location Affects Future Growth, Improper Building Location On Site In Relation to Future Growth, Long Term Changes in City Codes, Property Traffic Access, Site Drainage, Storm Sewer, Detention Ponds, Utilities Now or In The Future.
Budget Failure:
Some Feel They Need To Hire An Architect For a Full Set Of Plans In Order To Know How Much Their Project Will Cost? Then After Spending Ten’s Of Thousands Of Dollars; Hundreds Of Committee Hours; They Find Out The Building Is Over Budget. A Church Building Specialist Has The Answers Economically.
Future Planning Pitfalls:
We See Churches Needing To Expand Seating, Educational, Fellowship Etc., Only To Face Excessive Cost Because of Lack Of Proper “Original” Planning. Reason Vary From Improper Existing Ceiling Heights, Improper Original Location of Fellowship Halls, Class Rooms, Offices or Parking Layout. Remember You Should Never Pay For Something Twice.
Improper Builder Selection:
Home Builders Build Houses, Retail Builders Build Shopping Centers, Commercial Contractors Build Warehouses And Offices. Church Specialist Build Only Churches. There Is a Reason “See Above” Just Like If You Need a Tooth Pulled you Go to a Dentist, If You are a Victim of Robbery You Call a Policeman, Have A Fire, Call A Fireman. Need a Church Built Call a Church Building Specialist. A Professional.
Bid Price:
If It Seems To Good To Be True Believe Us It Is. We Complete a Lot Of 1/2 Finished Buildings Which Were Under Bid By Other Contractors. Don’t Let This Happen To Your Building Program.
Solution: Contact a Church Building Specialist.
Hanger Construction Can Help Your Church Avoid
These And Other Pit Falls Faced By Church
Congregations. From Start To Finish We are Your
"Church Building Specialist”
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